Holistic stress management

Based on my own experience with various stressful situations I experienced during my life and the knowledge that I acquired through my studies, personal and professional research I realized to what degree we are subjected to the damaging effects of stress (determined by the constant state of flight or fight, otherwise known as the stress response). Most of us have difficulty to maintain a general sense of well-being and may be faced with medical conditions determined by the increased  levels of stress that we live nowadays. Letting our bodies too long in a state of high stress interferes with our health, and can lead to acquiring serious illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, since majority are caused by stress.  You know the saying: in life you have to teach others what you need to learn the most so since I have lived through a lot of stress throughout  my life  managing stress in healthier ways became my passion.


At our Montreal centre we provide wellness and stress management services by using a series of holistic strategies and tools based on vibrational medicine /energy healing. Among these, Reiki, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Bars, Psych K are some of the therapies used in a serene atmosphere to help you destress, rejuvenate and renew  your whole being (mind-body-spirit).

The holistic approach suggests that a living system is organized to be fully balanced if it is in a state of optimal health.Conversely, if only a part of the system is unbalanced , the imbalance occurs in all parts. The aim of the holistic approach is to make us aware of the messages given by the imbalance arising from our bodies, our thoughts, our emotions and the environment by considering the whole person.


 Energy medicine, energy therapy or energy healing, is a branch of complementary and alternative medicine , which holds the belief that a healer can direct the healing energy into the person seeking help by different methods: hands-on, hands-off ,  and remote (or absent). Energy medicine often proposes that imbalances in the body “energy field ” results in the disease, and by rebalancing the energy field of the body, health can be restored. In 2010, Dr. Mehmet Oz revealed his Ultimate Alternative Medicine Secrets for 2010 during his nationally broadcast afternoon talk show. He ranked Reiki  as #1: “Reiki is one of my favorites, we’ve been using it for years in the Oz family, and we swear by it.” Before his popularity as a TV personality through his five-year association with Oprah, Dr. Oz incorporated Reiki into his open-heart surgeries(watch video below)

Ruxandra has over 17 years of experience with energy bodywork techniques such as Reiki (she is a Master in Usui, Dolphin & Karuna Reiki), Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Breathwork, Crystal Healing. In recent years she has also become  Access Consciousness Bars (2012) and a Psych K (2014) practitioner. In addition she to all these she has a BA in Human Relations and a Masters in Educational Psychology and has experience working with special needs children and populations, women and immigrants.








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